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Lauren & Shawn Sparks



Lauren and Shawn Sparks founded Sandlewood Manor in 2016 with a shared vision for a ministry based wedding venue. Shawn and Lauren’s individual success in marketing and business management makes them a powerful team. Their hardworking personalities, strong passion for marriage, and a desire to help others have merged to create one of Houston’s premier wedding venues. 

Tina & Darryl Kennedy



Darryl and Tina Kennedy have had the opportunity to share in the vision of Sandlewood Manor, that was given to Lauren and Shawn Sparks years ago, by playing a strongly supportive role in the venue. After 35 years of marriage, Darryl and Tina have learned that sharing life together is a beautiful gift from God. “Learning to weather the difficulties of life together and having a partner to share in the joys is one of life’s greatest adventures and well worth the learning curve.” We feel blessed to have a small part in encouraging and supporting marriages in Houston through Sandlewood Manor’s Love for a Lifetime program. As co-owners and coworkers here at Sandlewood Manor, it is our desire to see excellence in every area of this business and we pray that God will use this magnificent property for his glory.”

Lindsey Liggett



Meet Lindsey Liggett, our Venue Director at Sandlewood Manor! With her warm smile and passion for the logistics of the perfect wedding day, Lindsey ensures that every couple's special day is nothing short of magical. She's a self-proclaimed professional in the art of napping, and a true believer in soulmates and everlasting love. When not managing gorgeous weddings, you'll find her practicing yoga, maybe with a glass of cabernet in her hand, or enjoying quality time with her husband and adorable golden retrievers. Lindsey's favorite moment? Seeing the bride's excitement right before walking down the aisle – a moment that gives her chills every time. Get ready for a memorable experience with Lindsey as your guide to an unforgettable celebration!

Joseph Kravchenko



Meet Joseph Kravchenko, our creative Marketing Director at Sandlewood Manor. With a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from the University of Houston's Bauer College of Business. Joseph is passionate about blending creativity with strategic insight to showcase the elegance and charm of our venues. Joseph's journey in marketing started with a fascination for how businesses connect with their audiences. As a digital media creator, he has honed his skills in photo and video, using these talents to craft compelling narratives and elevate brand visibility. His diverse experience includes freelance videography and leading marketing initiatives, making him adept at developing engaging content that resonates. His dedication to creating memorable experiences, both professionally and personally, ensures that every event at Sandlewood Manor is nothing short of spectacular. With Joseph's innovative ideas and infectious enthusiasm, he brings a fresh perspective to our team, making him an invaluable asset in creating unforgettable celebrations. 

Samantha Buschardt



Meet Sam Buschardt, the resident Comedian and Venue Concierge extraordinaire at Sandlewood Manor! With a heart full of love and laughter and a knack for details, Sam brings an irresistible charm to every celebration. Beyond weddings, Sam is a devoted bookworm and adores being the cool aunt to identical twin nephews, Mason and Levi, and hopes to one day visit all of the US National Parks. Her best wedding advice is to BE SELFISH! Prioritize your happiness because this day is all about you! Sam brings her humor and hilarious stories that have an uncanny knack for calming pre-ceremony nerves. She is a master at surprises, like the time she helped her bride announce her pregnancy during the reception, which left the Ballroom gleaming with love. Sam is truly a great companion to have alongside you on your big day! 

Macey Khripunov



Meet Macey Khripunov, the spirited Event Coordinator at Sandlewood Manor! With a vibrant personality and a meticulous eye for detail, Macey ensures every wedding is a flawless celebration of love. Hailing from the charming town of Boyd, Texas, she brings a small-town warmth to our bustling venue. In her free time, you’ll find Macey diving into a good book, hitting the gym or volleyball court, or whipping up delicious baked treats. She has seven tattoos, with her favorite being a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a nod to her love for all things floral. Macey's favorite snack is trail mix, which she enjoys with no shame, and her favorite color is purple, a hue that perfectly matches her lively spirit. Her best friend and sister is her favorite human, and she cherishes their bond deeply. With Macey by your side, you’re guaranteed a day filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments!

Alicia Turner



Meet Alicia Turner, our phenomenally talented mixology artist! With a long background in the service industry that started at the young age of 12 as an entertainment DJ, Alicia brings over a decade of celebration expertise. Partnered with her exceptional customer service Alicia’s long history of crafty liquid excellence makes her a perfect fit for the Sandlewood Team! Alicia’s favorite thing about being a bar manager is getting to see the joy on a guest's face after the first sip of a fresh beverage. Beyond the bar, Alicia loves to play the drums and has been an avid player since a child. Alicia is truly one of a kind and we can’t wait until you get to taste her creations for yourself! 

Leah Claxton



Leah Claxton loves to dance! She began her training at Progressions School of Dance and continued her studies through the Theatre Under the Stars' Humphreys School of Musical Theatre (HSMT). After being accepted into the Rocket Experience, she had the incredible opportunity to train with the Radio City Rockettes in New York City. Leah has competed as a professional ballroom dancer and has worked as a ballroom dance instructor and choreographer. She is also a certified Zumba and Piyo instructor. Currently, Leah is a member of the Magnify Dance Company and teaches ballroom, jazz and ballet classes for the Magnify School of Dance. Leah enjoys that art of choreography and is known for creating wedding dances that exemplify the personalities of the bride and groom. Leah has been noted as a "pioneer of the wedding dance trend." Check out Leah's own wedding dance (which she choreographed) that has touched nearly 4 million viewers from around the globe. 
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