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To most, Sandlewood Manor is just a breathtakingly beautiful wedding and events venue on a picturesque private estate property. Yet, to owners Shawn and Lauren Sparks, the manor can best be described as an adventure in faith, perseverance and answered prayer. The journey began with a shared desire to work together as a husband and wife team. The couple began praying together for God’s direction and were inspired to create a ministry based wedding venue. Amazed that they were both separately given the same vision, they stepped out in faith and began researching the industry, as well as working with an architect to begin making the vision a reality. During the next two years, God placed incredibly talented and experienced industry professionals in their path who came on board and directed and mentored each step of the way. However, the search for land became very discouraging. More than once, having finally found an acceptable piece of property, an offer was made but quickly lost, as developers offered more money and an immediate closing. Lauren and Shawn continued to pray. “We just couldn’t find the land that we had envisioned for Sandlewood Manor. Then God led us to Tomball, Texas. We came upon the property at 22402 Holly Creek Trail and were amazed at what we saw. It was something we could have never imagined and far exceeded anything we had seen in our long search for the perfect land.” Over the last three years, Lauren and Shawn say they have learned to trust God completely. “We have seen the power of prayer, and while it can still be hard to trust sometimes, He has always proven faithful and His ways and timing are always perfect. His closed doors led to an incredible open door. We are so thankful that the other properties didn’t work out for us.” 


This twenty-seven acre property hosts three pre-existing houses: the Manor House, the Sandlewood Manor Offices and the Grooms Quarters. Other unique features include a tree-lined
driveway, beautiful fountains, a one-acre pond with a walkout pier and gazebo, a pool and hot tub with an outdoor kitchen, an inviting lounge for parents and grandparents, three full suites for overnight accommodations, an in-house theater, acres of pasture enjoyed by Sandlewood’s beautiful horses, and a multi-century old oak tree and serene pecan orchard that are perfect options for outdoor ceremonies. 

(Owners: Shawn & Lauren Sparks)

Visitors have shared the owners’ sentiments; “The intricate details of the estate home are magnificent and the beauty and serenity here are awe-inspiring.” The estate will include a nearly 10,000 square-foot ballroom including a gourmet kitchen able to accommodate a maximum capacity of 400 people. Located
just west of Telge and 2920, minutes from the Grand Parkway, the specific location is in reasonable driving distance from the majority of Houston and its outlying cities. 


Although the goal of Sandlewood Manor is to be the perfect event venue, it is also a place where newly married couples can find encouragement. Sandlewood’s mission is to support couples over their first year of marriage and to provide tools that will enable them to get past a majority of the hurdles that can cause bitterness and lead to divorce. “We are committed to praying for our couples. We feel the presence of God here daily and our desire is that everyone who steps foot on the Sandlewood Manor property will be touched by it as well.”

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